Saturday, October 31, 2009

Alphabet List 5: 27 Ideas for Hipster Horror Movies

(500) Days of Suffering
Axe Body Spray Assault
Babies with Bazookas
Castration Anxiety 2: Feminization by Force
Death Drive: Let's Get Freudian
Eurotrash Rave Massacre
Frat Boys with Firebombs
Giant Fannypack Orgy: Hungry for Humans
Homophobia: Just When You Thought You Were Finally Comfortable with Your Sexuality
Ironical Incident 3: T-Shirt Wars
King Kong V. M.I.A.: This Time, It's Postcolonial
Little Miss Submachine Gun
Mainstream Cooptation Massacre
Not So OK Computer: Vicious Vaio
Obscurifier: Prepare to Be Out-Referenced
Pitchfork Without Honor or Humanity
Quirky But Deadly
Revenge of the Bros
Stuff St. Vincent in the Incinerator
Tunnel of Disdain
The Unskinnying
Vampire Weeknight
Werewolf Parade
Xiu Xiu V. The Wizard of Autotune
Young, Smug, and Full of Slugs
Zoe Deschanel/Dane Cook Sex Tape