Saturday, January 2, 2010

Favorite Movies of the 00s

1. La Commune (Paris 1871)
2. Yi Yi
3. Paranoid Park
4. A History of Violence
5. Flight of the Red Balloon
6. The Headless Woman
7. Werckmeister Harmonies
8. Summer Hours
9. Unknown Pleasures
10. Tie between lots of different Romanian movies

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Movies of 2009

Six Favorites:
The Headless Woman
Summer Hours
Police, Adjective
The White Ribbon
The Maid

Number Seven:
Still Walking (great movie with absolutely awful ending)

Two Duds:
Paranormal Activity

Still Need to See:
35 Shots of Rum
Beaches of Agnes
Bright Star

(Plus more. This is a living document.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Entire Telematic Age Summarized in One Conversation

You: hello
You: i am girl looking to show tits to horny male on sexy cam
Stranger: nice
Stranger: may I see?
You: yes
Stranger: msn?
You: i am russian female
Stranger: nice
Stranger: age?
You: 18
You: do you live in USA
Stranger: no
Stranger: I live in canada
You: i only like to chat with USA boys
You: canada i hear is filled with homosexual
Stranger: I am half american
You: are you half homosexual
Stranger: I am not homo
You: good
Stranger: I am straight
You: nice
You: my brother is homosexual
You: he live in moscow with 30-year-old business man
Stranger: anyway
Stranger: will you show me boobs
You: yes
You: how many girls you meet here show you boos
You: boobs
Stranger: today nobody
Stranger: anyway
Stranger: I dont have time
You: why would girls not show boobs to anonymous stranger on internet?
Stranger: msn or bye
You: give me one good reason
You: then i show you
Stranger: because
Stranger: they I probably horny
Stranger: and
Stranger: they wanna see cock
You: i ask why would they NOT show boobs
You: you fail
You: no boobs for you

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Music Releases of 2009

Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs
Cold Cave - Love Comes Close
ES - Kesamaan Lapset
The High Wire - The Sleep Tape
Legion of Two - Riffs
Mountains - Choral
Rustie - Bad Science; Zig Zag
Shogun Kunitoki - Vinonaamakasio
Soror Dolorosa - Severance
Teenage Filmstars - Rocket Charms; Buy Our Record, Support Our Sickness (reissues)
The Voices - Death of a Lover's Song
Zelienople - Give It Up
Dubstep - Lots of it

Monday, November 23, 2009

Alphabet List 8: 26 Drag Queen Names

Anita Mann
Brooke Troutt
Crystal Bullock
DeTeria Rashun
Erin Favour
Farra Longway
Ginger Snapp
Helena Handbasket
Ivana Gimlet
Jo Peeples
KoKo Dusting
Luca Mychesti
Mona Pleasure
Noma Johnson
Oda Schmelling
Precious Johnson
Quinn Tupples
Rita Manuel
Sharon Stories
Tamara Works
Ura Beaver
Vonda Huggins
Wanda Lust
Xaviera Herdovitch
Yolanda Lakes
Zuzu Spettles

Monday, November 16, 2009

Alphabet List 7: 26 Ultrahilarious Names for Bars

Al Kaholic's
Boozy Tuesday's
Cachaca Cha Cha
Drambuie Louie's
Ethan Hall
Frosty Mugshot's
Ginger Schnapp's
Hot Buttered Room
Inn Ebriation
Juice's Wild
Kit and Kaboozle
Liqueur the Irish
Mordechai Beerstein's HeBrewpub
Navajo Nectar
Ouzo on First
Purple Hooters
Quivering Liver
Stumble Inn
Three Shots to the Wind
Use Your Infusion
Vino the Score
Wino the Times
X Marks the Sot
Yadda Yadda Colada
Zha Zha GaBordeaux